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Certified Pranic Healer

& Breathwork Teacher

Meet Cecily Gingrich

Cecily Gingrich has a BA, Secondary Education from Mercyhurst University, and over 30 years’ experience in Human Resource Administration and Consulting. She began her studies in Pranic Healing in 2010 and earned her Associate Certified Pranic Healing designation in 2016. She has been studying Mentalphysics since 2013 and is currently enrolled in the Preceptor (Teacher) Course at the Institute of Mentalphysics in Yucca Valley, CA.  

Cecily is one of the few certified Pranic Healers in Erie, PA, and with her teaching and public speaking experience, she is well suited to lead informative and inspiring Breathwork classes that can change your life. 

Experience and Qualifications

Having practiced Pranic Healing for over 5 years and studied Mentalphysics for 7, Cecily has developed the experience to address the following:

Physical Ailments

Reduction or complete alleviation of pain caused by injuries. Reverse or decrease symptoms from headaches to insomnia, from arthritis to vertigo.



Psychological Ailments

Reduction of stress and increased sense of well-being. Treatment of phobias, grief, depression, addictions, etc.


Group Presentations

An introduction to Pranic Healing for healing professionals and anyone who may be interested in energy healing.

Super Yoga Breathwork Instruction

Tibetan Breathwork exercises to balance chakras, bring in prana and distribute it to enhance healing and psychological well-being.


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