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Breathwork Classes

Super-Yoga Breathwork is based on ancient Tibetan breathing techniques that were introduced to the Western World by Edwin J. Dingle (Ding Le Mei as named by the Tibetan monks who instructed him). He founded the Institute of Mentalphysics in 1927 to teach not only the Breathwork but the spiritual philosophies behind the breathings. These teachings provide an understanding of the body’s electrical current flow as well as how that flow affects personality and outlook on life.

This introduction to Mentalphysics is based on the booklet, The 8 Key Breaths that Renew Your Life. You will learn some of the background and philosophy of Mentalphysics and the physical breathing exercises as taught at the Institute. You will also be led in the assigned meditations that enhance the effectiveness of each breathing exercise. Classroom size is kept to a small number in order to ensure individualized instruction and the correct application of each breath.


When choosing to take these Breathwork classes, it is important to understand that discipline is required to meet daily assignments and practice. In this way alone will you reap the full benefits of these prized Eastern secrets. If you decide to make the commitment, there is a practice/support group available that meets once a month to keep you encouraged and on track after the classes are completed.

Benefits of Super-Yoga Breathwork

Exercise for the physical body and internal organs can be done anywhere at any time.

Super-Yoga Breathwork will:

  • Oxygenate every cell in the body.

  • Purify the bloodstream.

  • Enhance circulation to the brain.

  • Balance mind, body, and personality.

  • Relax and calm.

  • Build energy.

  • Produce a smoother flow in everyday life circumstances.

Super-Yoga Breathwork Classes Rates

  • $60 for 5 weekly one-hour classes and written materials.

  • Class schedule is determined by participants.  Can be offered via Zoom or in person.

Edwin J. Dingle


Breath is the Flywheel of our Physical and Mental Machinery.

Disease is only a lack of, or disturbance of, or unbalance of Prana.

As man breathes, so he thinks, and as a man thinketh, so he is.

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